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Heat Gun w/High C.F.M

Heat Gun w/High C.F.M


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The Bosch 1942 heat gun features a powerful blower that provides a high volume of air needed for certain industrial applications. Its air intake regulator allows variable temperature adjustment from 750 - 1,000 degrees F and a maximum air volume of up to 23 cubic feet per minute. The 1942 also has a cool air setting for cooling the tool and for no-heat applications. The padded adjustable stand can be positioned for any work angle.

Uses: Stripping paint, shrinking tubing or packaging, heating liquids, loosening fittings, softening caulk and surface finishes and thawing pipes

  • Powerful Blower - Provides a high volume of air needed for industrial applications
  • Air Intake Regulator - Adjusts the temperature to the requirements of the job
  • Cool Air Setting - For cooling tool and for no-heat applications, adds versatility
  • Insulated Nozzle - Protects operator, provides a cool exterior temperature
  • Padded, Adjustable Stand - Allows stationary use with multi-position holder
  • Range of Accessories - Adapts tool for specific uses in building trades, industrial applications and laboratory work

Air Volume: 23 C.F.M
Amperage: 14.3
120V AC
Temp Settings: 750°F - 1000°F
Tool Level: 4-Corded, Single Speed Basic
Voltage: 115V
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Width: 5"

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