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EZS Clamp 14

EZS Clamp 14"


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Product Details

Bessey One–Handed Combination Clamp & Spreader, 6 Inch Capacity 3–1/2 Inch Throat Depth

The EZS series clamps are a powerful bit of technology from Bessey. They make it possible for you to create up to 445 pounds of clamping force and do it single handed. This leaves one hand free to hold the work piece in place while clamping. EZS clamps are also reversible so that a spreading action is created.

The EZS by Bessey offers a revitalized approach to one hand clamps. What seperates it from the rest, is that it has been engineered from the start to offer a clean design, comfortable handles, 445 of potential clamping force and the ability to quickly transform from clamping to spreading. The transition from clamping to spreading requires no tools – just a quick twist of the locking knob disengages the fixed jaw, move it to the opposite end of the rail & a second quick twist locks it in place.


  • Powerful technology – single hand clamping or spreading of workpieces with up to 445 Lbs of force
  • No tools required to convert from clamping to spreading
  • Soft–touch pads eliminate marring of work
  • Ergonomically shaped composite handle with pump lever makes it easy to achieve maximum clamping force
  • Availble in five sizes from 6 In. to 36 In.


Jaw width (inches)
Nominal throat depth (inches)
Nominal capacity (inches)
Clamping force (lbs)
Holding capacity (load limit)
Rail dimensions (inches)
3/4" x 15/64"
Rail dimensions (mm)
19mm x 6mm
Spindle dia. (inches)
Spindle thread pitch
Blade length
Material composition
Color / Finish
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (Depth) (inches)

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